Adding your child to Norton Family

After you register, you can add your children to Norton Family. As you add each child, specify the birth year of the child. This helps Norton Family protect your child with predefined House Rules that are based on their age.

You can customize the House Rules so that they make sense for each child's maturity level. Depending on your situation, use Norton Family website or Android app to configure your family settings. You cannot use Norton Family for iOS to configure or adjust the settings.

To add a child to Norton Family using Norton Family website

  1. Sign in to Norton Family.

  2. At the top of the page, click Configure Family.

  3. On the Configure Family page, under Children section, click Add Child.

  4. In the Name of your Child box, type the child's name.

    The name must not contain special characters such as &, #, or $.

  5. Select an avatar from the Change avatar drop-down list.

    You can use the Upload profile picture link to upload a personal picture from your device. If you do not choose a picture icon, a generic one is selected.

  6. Select the gender of your child.

  7. Select the child's year of birth.

  8. Select the device to associate the child with it.

  9. Click Save.

To add a child to Norton Family using Android device

  1. Sign in to to Norton Family app in Child mode.

  2. In the Choose Child window, tap Add new child…

  3. Under PROFILE, type your child's name, select a gender, and select a year of birth.

  4. Tap the child icon to choose an avatar for your child. You can choose a picture from your gallery or capture a photo instantly to use for your child's profile. To take a photo, tap the camera icon or the icon next to your profile's image and then tap Use camera. To use a picture from your gallery, tap Choose photo.

  5. Tap Continue.

  6. Norton Family automatically assigns house rules based on your child's age. To view the rules, tap House Rules. For more information on house rules, Defining the House Rules

  7. Tap Save.

To add a child to Norton Family using Norton Family for iOS

  1. Open the Norton Family app.

  2. Sign in with your Norton credentials.

  3. Choose a child to whom you want to assign this device.

    If you want to add a child, enter the details of the child and then tap Save.

  4. Give a name for this device.

  5. Tap Save and then proceed with enabling restrictions and location services. For more details, Setting restrictions on iOS device to get the better protection

Editing the child's profile

Removing a child from Norton Family

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