Norton LiveUpdate

Your Norton uses the LiveUpdate technology to download the latest protection updates regularly from Symantec servers. These updates safeguard your computer from the latest viruses and unknown security threats.

When LiveUpdate runs, it checks if your installed Norton product is up-to-date with the protection updates. If the product does not have the latest updates, LiveUpdate downloads the necessary protection updates for your device, processes the updates, and then deletes the older files and definitions from the temporary folder.

LiveUpdate takes little time to download and process the protection updates. However, you can cancel the LiveUpdate session at any time.

Your device should be connected to the Internet to obtain these updates. If your network uses proxy servers to connect to Internet, LiveUpdate uses the proxy settings in your product to download the latest updates. You can use the Network Proxy Settings option in the Administrative Settings window to configure the proxy settings of your network.

A connectivity problem can occur if you use parental control software. If you suspect that parental controls might block the connection, you can configure the parental controls so that they do not block the activation procedure. You need to log on to your parental control software or to the Internet through your ISP as an administrator to change your configuration.

LiveUpdate cannot work if the Network Cost Awareness option in the Settings window is set to No Traffic or Economy. Network Cost Awareness lets you define the amount of network bandwidth that your Norton product can use. Therefore, you must ensure that the Network Cost Awareness option is turned on and set to No Limit for LiveUpdate to run.

The Network Cost Awareness window appears when you run LiveUpdate and the policy is set to No Traffic or Economy. However, you can override the policy and complete the LiveUpdate task.

Video: Norton Live Update, its benefits, and solving issues

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