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Learn why media streaming services or apps do not work when connected to Norton Secure VPN

Some streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Showtime, offer geo-restricted content that makes it unavailable in certain regions. These services also block the content if they detect a VPN, a proxy, or an unblocker service as a method to bypass the geo-restrictions.

Connect to a different VPN region

  • Connect to different VPN region and access the website.

    Example #1: If you are in USA and the VPN region is set to "Auto-Select", then, connect to USA region manually.

    Example #2: If you are in Germany and the VPN region is already selected to "Germany", then, connect to closest different region "Switzerland" or "France".

    If the content is available in your region, make sure that you disconnect Norton Secure VPN before you access the streaming services or apps.

    Apps such as BBC iPlayer or Netflix, collect IP address information and actively blacklist any IP address that they suspect belongs to a VPN. Once the IP addresses of the VPN server used are blacklisted and blocked, these apps do not work unless VPN service is dynamically changing the IP addresses. To overcome this, use the Split Tunnel feature. Click Enable Split Tunnel in Norton Secure VPN to know more on Split Tunnel.

    The Split Tunnel feature is currently available with Norton Secure VPN for Windows and Android only.

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DOCID: v121513457
Operating System: Android
Last modified: 04/08/2021