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Restore backed up files by Norton using file versioning

Using file versioning, you can restore previous versions of file that may have been damaged or may have been incorrectly modified.

The file versioning feature is available only for files that display the icon under the versions column in the Restore Files window.

Restore files using file versioning

  1. Norton lists the versions of the file and displays it along with the date and time.

  2. Select the check box of the file that needs to be restored.

  3. Click the icon present under the Versions column of the Restore Files window.

  4. Select the version of the file that you like to restore.

  5. Click OK to restore the selected version of the file.

Deleting the file deletes all versions of the file.

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DOCID: v123816867
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 01/06/2021