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What to do if you are prompted to renew your Norton subscription

If your Norton service expired, you need to renew your subscription using a new product key or renewal code. You get a renewal code when you renew your existing subscription.

Renew your Norton subscription

If you purchased a new subscription, you get a new product key. You need to activate your service using the product key.

If you renewed your Norton subscription or purchased a new subscription recently, but notice that the product prompts you to renew, do the following:

You cannot use the product key or renewal code of one Norton service to activate a different Norton service. For example, you cannot activate Norton 360 using a Norton Internet Security product key or renewal code. In addition, two different versions of the same Norton service are treated as two different services. For example, Norton 360 and Norton 360 Premier are different services.

If the product key or renewal code is associated with the Norton service installed on your computer, you can activate using the product key or renewal code.

If the product key or renewal code does not belong to the Norton service that is installed on your computer, do the following:

If you have upgraded your existing Norton service, you must uninstall the existing service from your computer and download and install the upgraded Norton service.

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Operating System: Mac OS X, Windows
Last modified: 07/14/2020