How to redeem the pincode I purchased to get a Norton product key

If you purchased your Norton product from a retail partner and received a pin code in your box, this document provides information to get your new Norton product setup.


Redeem your pincode

    To get your Norton product key, you will need to redeem the pincode at the retail or distributor portal. You need to follow the instructions on the card with the pincode to get the correct URL.

  1. Go to the URL on the card in the box.

  2. Sign in or register a new account (this account is with the retail partner, not Norton).

  3. Enter the pincode from your card.

    You receive a Norton product key that you now need to register to your Norton account to download and activate your Norton Security software. You can find your key on your Download Center page. Save this key for the next step.

    If you receive "This pincode does not exist" error message, this indicates that the pincode has not been activated at the place of purchase. Please contact the retail store you purchased from for further assistance.


Setup your Norton Security

    Once you have received your Norton product key, follow these steps to complete the download process.

  1. Sign In to Norton.

  2. Sign in to your Norton account, or create a new account if you don't have one.

  3. In the Norton Setup window, click Enter a New Product Key.

    Type the product key and click > and begin the download process.

    For more information you may read I want to download my Norton product on my device.

    Remember to register your Norton Product key to your Norton account to manage your license and to receive easy assistance from Norton Support.

Getting Assistance

  • Norton Support only provide assistance if you are in possession of the Norton Product key.

    • If you have trouble redeeming your pincode, or need assistance before pincode redemption (such as for returns) please contact the retailer where you purchased.

    • If you have redeemed your pincode, or your retailer has confirmed that the pincode is activated and you still have trouble redeeming, contact the redemption portal support team by the redemption portal contact form:

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Last modified: 09/04/2017