Add the Norton browser extensions

After you install Norton, you are prompted to add the Norton browser extensions to your web browsers. Norton adds the extensions to Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers.

You must enable the Norton browser extensions to easily access all the browser-specific features of Norton Security. The Norton browser extensions include:

Norton Toolbar

A toolbar that warns you of dangerous sites when you browse online, helping to protect you from identity theft and online scams.

Learn about Norton toolbar

Norton Safe Search

A secured search engine that uses to generate the search results. Norton Safe Search ranks the search results based upon the site safety status and Norton rating.

Learn about Norton Safe Search

Norton Home Page

A website that uses the Norton Safe Search feature to enhance your web search experience. It provides the site safety status and Norton rating for each of the search result generated.

Learn about Norton Home Page

Norton Identity Safe

A secure location where you can store all of your sensitive information such as logins, personal information, and financial information. You can use this information to log in to websites, automatically fill online forms, and online payments.

Learn about Norton Identity Safe

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