Clear IDs of files that are excluded during scans

Norton tags all trusted and favorable files with Trusted and Good trust levels. When a file is tagged as Trusted or Good, Norton does not scan this file again. This can improve the scan performance of the Norton service on your computer.

Norton excludes the Trusted and Good files from being scanned. However, if you want Norton to scan all the files in your computer, you must clear the reputation information of the excluded files.

When you clear IDs of files that are excluded during scans, it might take a longer time to complete scan.

Clear IDs of files that are excluded during scans

  1. In the Norton main window, click Settings.

  2. In the Settings window, under Detailed Settings, click Antivirus.

  3. In the Antivirus settings window, click the Scans and Risks tab.

  4. Under Exclusions / Low Risks, in the Clear file IDs excluded during scans row, click Clear All.

  5. In the Warning window, click Yes.

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Last modified: 06/20/2017