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Learn more about the best practices to keep your computer secure

Installing the latest version of Norton service is the best way to keep your PC protected against malicious threats and viruses. It is recommended that you maintain the latest virus definitions. If you have an active Internet connection, the definitions are updated automatically.

In addition, there are several security best practices you should follow to avoid threats and protect your PC and data from malicious viruses:

To avoid email threats, do the following:

  • Open only those email attachments that come from a trusted source and that you expect to receive.

  • Delete all unwanted messages without opening them.

  • Do not respond to email that you suspect is spam. Delete it.

  • Be wary of any email that requests confidential information, and confirm the authenticity of the request before you reply.

To protect yourself from phishing attempts, do the following:

  • When you visit a website, type the address directly into your browser rather than clicking a link.

  • Provide personal information only on trusted sites. Examples include the sites that have "https" in the web address or that have a lock icon at the bottom of the browser window.

  • Do not provide personal information to any unsolicited requests for information.

To avoid viruses, worms, and Trojan horses, do the following:

  • Transfer files to your PC only from a well-known source or a trusted source.

  • Do not send or receive files over instant messaging connections.

  • Terminate an instant messaging connection if a person on your buddy list sends strange messages, files, or web links.

To avoid spyware, do the following:

  • Do not approve suspicious error messages from within your browser.

  • Be suspicious of "free deal" offers because spyware may come as part of such a deal.

  • Carefully read the License and Services Agreement for the programs that you install. Also, do not install a program if other programs are installed as part of the required program.

Video: How to ensure that your computer is protected

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Last modified: 09/06/2023