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Configure Norton Family house rules for web supervision

Web supervision is supported on Windows computer, Android phone and tablet, iPhone, and iPad.

Web supervision lets your children explore the web freely, while keeping you in the know about which sites they visit and giving you tools to help them avoid unsuitable content. You can protect your children by blocking access to websites that are inappropriate. Sometimes, an allowed website contains content that belongs to a blocked website or a category. When your child visits such websites, Norton Family blocks the specific portion of the website that belongs to the blocked website.

For efficient web supervision on iOS devices, ensure that you have installed and enabled VPN. For more information, read Set up Norton Family on your child's iPhone or iPad.

Based on the web supervision house rule that you set, VPN monitors or blocks the activities that your child does using apps other than Norton Family browser.

On Windows, ensure that you have enabled Norton Family browser extension. If you child's PC has Norton Family version 3.7.3 or later, Norton Family adds a second layer of protection and shows a browser-specific block page even if your child had tampered browser extension, launched incognito or private browsing modes, or used unsupported third-party browsers to access a blocked website. However, when you receive an alert regarding such events, check your child's PC and enable browser extension for complete protection.

You can use Norton website or Norton Family app for parents to view or update the house rules.

If you are using Google account to sign in to Norton Family account, make sure that you sign out from your Google account in your browser after finishing the Norton Family setup.

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DOCID: v125229857
Operating System: Windows, Android, iOS
Last modified: 08/27/2021