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Learn more about the high data usage displayed for Norton Mobile Security for iOS

When the Web Protection feature in Norton Mobile Security is enabled, iOS data usage statistics incorrectly double-counts the data usage. It attributes the data usage to the originator app as well as to Norton Mobile Security. This is a known iOS problem that has been observed with multiple apps that monitor the network traffic, such as firewall and VPN apps.

When the Web Protection feature in Norton Mobile Security is enabled, it monitors all the Internet traffic on the device. Since Norton Mobile Security touches each network packet originating from any app that accesses Internet, iOS equally attributes the total data usage by any app to Norton Mobile Security as well. This behavior results in inappropriately high data usage being attributed to Norton Mobile Security in Data usage statistics. The actual data usage by Norton Mobile Security is far less than what is displayed.

Additionally, the amount of data that is transmitted over the (carrier/WiFi) network remains largely unchanged and does not cause any significant increase in the data charges from service providers. Service providers monitor the data usage based on the user sessions, and do not charge based on the iOS data usage statistics.

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DOCID: v130715802
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 11/19/2019