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Calculate the time limit that you have set for your child in Norton family

When you turn on time supervision, Norton Family automatically warns or blocks your child from using their device once the allowed time limit has reached. The time restriction that you set applies for each device that your child uses. For example, if your child uses three devices and you set a daily allowed time of 2 hours, then your child can use each device for 2 hours daily. Your child gets a device lock notification every 5 minutes, starting 15 minutes before the time limit ends. Use the information below to learn how time limit is calculated.

Time limit calculation on Android

On Android, device usage is calculated as the amount of time your child uses an application in the foreground. For example, if your child uses a message app for 5 minutes, comes to the device home screen for 2 minutes, and uses a phone app for 10 minutes, then device usage is calculated as 15 minutes. Your child's Android device is considered as unused in the following cases:

  • Device is in the home screen but there are no applications in the foreground.

  • Device is locked or turned off.

  • Device display is off.

  • Device has entered sleep mode.

  • Instant lock or time lock screen is in the foreground.

  • Device enters daydream mode.

Time limit calculation on Windows computer

On Windows, device usage is calculated as the amount of time your child's Windows PC is active. Your child's Windows PC is considered as unused in the following cases:

  • Child locks their computer when they step away.

  • Computer goes into sleep or hibernate mode.

  • Child has logged out of the user session.

Time limit calculation on iOS

Norton Family does not calculate device usage on your child's iOS device. However, it blocks your child from using the device during the curfew that you set up. For example, if you set up the curfew from 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M., Norton Family locks the device at the start of the curfew and unlocks it automatically at the end.

Norton Family does not entirely lock your child's iOS device. It only hides the installed apps, including Norton Family app, and the default apps such as Safari, iTunes Store, App Store, and Camera.

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DOCID: v127151815
Operating System: Android;Windows;iOS
Last modified: 03/14/2022