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There may be times when firewall may block the network traffic that you want to allow based on its configuration settings. In such cases, you may have issues in accessing the Internet, the Network, or another computer to perform tasks such as sharing resources.

When you experience network connection problems, Norton Firewall acts quickly in identifying the cause of failure and provides its diagnosis. Norton displays the Firewall Diagnostics Wizard when you encounter network connection problems.

Norton Firewall Diagnosis is available only in Windows 7 or later.

The Wizard contains the problem diagnosis report that is unique for different cases of network blocks. For instance, a network block can occur in any of the following cases:

  • The uncommon protocol that is handling the traffic is blocked

  • The currently active firewall rule is conditioned to block the traffic that you want to allow

  • The traffic has violated the process policy of the firewall

  • The traffic has violated the traffic policy of the firewall

  • The traffic comes from the restricted zone of networks or computers

  • The traffic matches an Intrusion Prevention attack signature

You can use the Firewall Diagnostics Wizard as a guide to troubleshoot the network connection problem by yourself.

For each case of network block, the Wizard contains the firewall's analysis of the cause and the possible solutions to fix the block.

Norton recommends that you use the Firewall Diagnostics Wizard to remove any type of block. The solutions in the Wizard let you analyze the issue and take a suitable action to resolve the problem.

Using the Wizard to troubleshoot the problem has the following advantages:

  • It automatically tries to fix the problem by itself

  • It lets you modify the settings that are related to the block

  • It lets you view the log details related to the network block event

  • It provides you the option to turn off firewall as the last means to resolve the issue

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Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 03/22/2022