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View or change the default file types or file extensions that Norton includes in backups

By default, Norton Backup looks for files that belong to certain file types, like pictures, music, or video, before running a backup. The default file types ensure that the data most users consider important gets backed up automatically once they create a backup set and run a backup. You can change the backup file type defaults, or the extensions included in each file type, if you want to include or exclude data from your backups.

View or change default file types or file extensions included in backups

  1. Open your Norton device security product.

    If you see the My Norton window, next to Device Security, click Open.

  2. In the Norton product main window, double-click Backup, and then click Backup Sets.

  3. In the Backup Settings window, in the Backup Set drop-down list, select the backup set that you want to configure.

  4. On the What tab, check Edit File Type to change the extensions included in file types for picture, music, video and other file types.

  5. Under File Types, click Configure next to a file type.

  6. In the window that appears, do the following, and click Save.

    • To remove a file extension, select the file extension in the list and click Remove.

    • To add additional extensions to the list, click Add New.

The following list contains some of the file types that each backup file category includes:


This category includes, but is not limited to: Photographic JPEG and JIFF images (.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jP2, .j2k, .j2c, .jpf); Graphic Interchange Format image files (.gif); Bitmap Graphics files (.bmp, .pct); Tagged Image Format files (.tif, .tiff); Adobe PhotoDeluxe images (.pdd); Windows Metafile (.wmf); Portable (Public) Network Graphic files (.png); Photoshop files (.psd); Macintosh Quickdraw/PICT Drawing files (.pict); Encapsulated PostScript files (.eps); MS Foxpro Screen files (.sct); Run Length Encoded Bitmap files (.rle); Device-Independent Bitmap Graphic files (.dib); Borland JBuilder Project files (.jpx); Japan Picture Format files (.jpc); Image Alchemy HSI Temporary Raw Bitmap files (.raw); Pixar Picture files (.pxr); CAD files (.vda); Pixar Picture File (.pxr); TARGA File (.tga); Adobe Illustrator Vector Graphic (.ai); Kodak Photo CD (.pcd); Kodak RAW Bitmap Image (.kdc); Adobe InDesign Document (.indd); Paint Shop Pro Image (.psp); Corel Vector Graphic Drawing (.cdr); and Targa Bitmap files (.icb, .vst).


This category includes, but is not limited to: MPEG Audio Stream, Layer III files (.mp3); MPEG-4 Video files (.mp4); MPEG-4 Audio Layer files (.m4a); Apple Protected AAC files (.m4p); Real Networks RealMedia Streaming Media files (.ra); RealMedia Streaming Media files (.rm); RealMedia Metafile files (.ram); MIDI files (.rmi); MS Windows Media Audio files (.wma); MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding files (.aac); Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio Compression Format files (.ape); Free Lossless Audio Codec files (.flac); Waveform Audio files (.wav); MP3 Playlist files (.m3u); Musical Instrument Digital Interface MIDI Sound files (.mid; .midi); Fast Tracker 2 Extended Module files (.xm); ScreamTracker v3 Sound files (.s3m); MPEG Audio Stream, Layer I (.mp1); Windows Media Player Playlist (.wpl); Playlist (.pls); Audio Codec 3 File (.a3c); Audio Interchange File Format ( .aif, .aifc, .aiff); and MPEG Audio Stream, Layer II (.mp2).

Financial Files

This category includes, but is not limited to: Microsoft Money files (.mny, .mn1, .mn2, .mn3, .mn4, .mn5, .mn6, .mn7, .mn8, .mn9, .mn10, .mn11, .mn12, .mn13, .mn14, .mn15, .mbf); TurboTax Tax Return files (.tax, .tax2010, .tax2011, .tax2012, .tax2013, .tax2014, .tax2015, .tax2016); H&R Tax Return files (.t01, .t02, .t03, .t04, .t05, .t06, .t09, .t10, .t11, .t12, .t13); TaxACT files (.ta0, .ta1, .ta2, .ta3, .ta4, .ta5, .ta8, .ta9); QuickBooks files (.qba, .qbb, .qbi, .qbw, .qbx, .qph, .qdf, .qdb, .qif, .qsd, .qel, .qph, q00, q01, .q02, .q03, .q04, .q05, .Q98); Olicom Fax files (.ofx); Quicken Data File (.qdt); Simply Accounting File (.sdb); and Open Financial Connectivity files (.ofc).


This category includes, but is not limited to: Microsoft Windows Media files (.wmv); Apple QuickTime Video Clip files (.mov); MPEG 1 System Stream files (.mpg, .mpeg); Macromedia Flash Format files (.swf); Audio Video Interleave files (.avi); MS Advanced Streaming Format files (.asf); Beijer E-Designer files (.mpa); MPEG Movie Clip files (.mpe); MPEG-4 Video files (.m4v); Digital Video File (.dv); Ogg Vorbis Compressed Video File (.ogm); Open Media Format File (.omf) MPEG-1 Video File (.m1v); MPEG-2 Program Stream Format File (.m2p); MPEG-2 Video Only File (.m2v); QuickTime Movie (.moov); MPEG-1 Video File (.mpv); QuickTime Movie (.qt); VDOScript File (.vdo); and DVD Video Movie File (.vob).

Office Documents

This category includes, but is not limited to: Microsoft Word documents and templates (doc, .dot); Microsoft Excel Worksheet and templates (.xls, .xlt, .xlam); Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation and Slideshow files (.ppt, .pps); Microsoft Project files (.mpp); Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf); Text files (.txt); PostScript files (.ps); HyperText Markup Language files (.htm, .html); Microsoft HTML documents (.mht); WildTangent Branded .PNG files (.wpg); Comma-Separated Variables text files (.csv); and WordPerfect PC Suite documents (.wpd).


This category includes, but is not limited to: Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder files (.pst); Microsoft Exchange Mail messages (.msg); Microsoft Outlook Express E-mail or Windows Mail (.dbx); Netscape Mail E-mail Message files (.snm); Media Stream Broadcast (.msb); Mailbox Message File (.mbx); Microsoft Outlook Rules Wizard File (.rwz); Microsoft Outlook Express Electronic Mail (.eml); First Reader Saved Message Folder (.fol); and (.MsMessageStore).


This category includes, but is not limited to: Microsoft Outlook Address Book files (.wab); Microsoft Personal Address Book files (.pab); Palm Address Book files (.aba); Beijer E-Designer files (.mpa); Palm Date Book files (.tda); vCard files (.vcf); Microsoft Outlook Address Book (.oab); Microsoft Phonebook (.pbk); Palm DateBook File (.dba); and Sharp Organizer Telephone Bank (.ozp).

Internet Favorites

This category includes, but is not limited to: Internet Location files (.url) that appears on your browser's Favorites menu.

Other File Types

This category includes the files that you specifically add to the backup. The category also includes the files that Norton cannot add to any of its file categories.

For example, you remove a file extension from a backup file category and add a file with that extension to back up. In this case, Norton adds the file to the Other File Types category.

Some types of files are used with programs temporarily. These files are usually .tmp type files. These cannot be backed up, because they are already saved on the disk at the time of creation.

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