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Norton Password Manager Fill Assistant

The Fill Assistant feature helps you fill online forms if Password Manager skips to fill in some fields in the forms. The Password Manager uses the addresses and the wallets that you saved to automatically fill forms and bank details on websites. This way, you do not need to fill the lengthy forms that ask for your personal information such as name, date of birth, and phone number. You also need not type your bank details or credit details every time you shop online. If the fields in an online form are not filled, Password Manager displays the Open Fill Assistant Infobar. You can click on the Open Fill Assistant option to open the Fill Assistant pane. You can use Fill Assistant to fill in such fields. All you need is to choose an address or a wallet from the Fill Assistant and then drag and drop the required information to the webpages.

Password Manager may not or incorrectly fill in a field in an online form if:

  • The field names in the online form do not match the ones that are stored in your Addresses or Wallet. For example, the country or region field can be named differently that Password Manager cannot recognize.

  • The field does not have a name associated to it.

  • The data that a field accepts is different from what is stored in your addresses or wallet. For example, the date of birth is stored as number in addresses but the online form accepts only words.

Some websites may require some of your personal information such as your email or phone number. In those websites, you can use Fill Assistant to quickly enter the required details. You just need to drag and drop the information in your addresses or wallet to the text field in the online form. For example, if you want to fill the phone number in an online form, drag and drop the phone number details from the Addresses to the text box in the online form. This way, Fill Assistant not only saves you from incorrectly filling the fields but also prevents cybercriminals and keyloggers from accessing your personal information. You need to have Norton toolbar enabled on your browsers to use Fill Assistant. To open Fill Assistant, on the Norton toolbar, click VAULT IS OPEN, and then click the Open Fill Assistant icon at the bottom of the pop-up.

The Fill Assistant feature has the following options:


Lets you view and choose all the addresses that you have saved in your vault.


Lets you view and choose all the wallets that you have saved in your vault.

You can use the Move to other Side icon to shift Fill Assistant window from right to left and vice versa

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DOCID: v91953036
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 11/08/2019