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Target specific issues and fine tune precisely how your PC is optimized

To access:

Under Toolbox on the navigation bar, click Clean, Speed Up, Protect, or Manage.

What they do:

The individual tools provide simple, categorized access to all the Norton Utilities Premium repair, optimization, and monitoring tools.

Why use them:

You can run the exact tools that suit your needs.

  • Step-by-step wizards give you total control over what actions are run, with the settings that you specify.

  • System configuration tools allow you to monitor and fine-tune settings so that your PC is tailored to your specifications.


  • From the left side of the pane, click on the function category that suits your needs. All the tools associated with that function will display on the right side of the pane.

  • Click Show Details at the top of each function category to view more info on each tool.

  • Click on the desired tool to open and run it.

  • Function Category




    Clean out unneeded files, which frees up drive space and other system resources.

    All-in-One PC Cleanup

    Internet Cleanup

    Remove Internet junk files, private browsing data and more

    Windows Cleanup

    Remove Windows junk files, broken shortcuts and more

    Speed Up

    Resolve performance-draining issues and maximize the speed and performance of your PC.

    Disk Defragmenter

    Defragment hard drives

    Application Accelerator

    Re-align program data on your hard drive

    RAM Reclaimer

    Maximize free memory

    Startup Optimizer

    Reduce Windows startup time


    Patch security holes and permanently delete sensitive data.

    File Shredder

    Install or uninstall the desktop file shredder, a military-grade trash can that prevents deleted data recovery


    Manage and configure various hidden Windows settings.

    Super Control Panel

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