Should you run more than one security product on your computer?

The fact about having two or more security solutions installed in a single computer

    Each security software is designed to work independently in a computer and multiple security solutions in a single computer are generally not optimized to work together resulting in the following performance issues.

  1. Performance degradation of the computer

    • This is a result of two or more processes with similar functions competing with each other to gain system resources to perform the same function.

    • At Symantec it is found that installing multiple security software can reduce startup and shutdown processes as high as 300%.

  2. Lowered efficiency in trapping threats

    • Since Antivirus components work real time to protect your computer from threats, multiple real time scanners try to eliminate a single threat eventually blocking each other's function.

    • Running multiple antivirus components simultaneously can cause scans to take as much as 10 times longer than usual, and running two antispyware products can cause up to a 40% increase in scan time.

Recommendation from Symantec

  • All Norton products are engineered to optimize performance, taking into consideration all the different facets of a security solution. By choosing a high-performance suite like Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, Norton Security or Norton Security with Backup you get better protection for your computers.

    Norton solutions incorporates different security components (firewall, antivirus, antispyware, application and browser defense, intrusion prevention, antiphishing, rootkit protection, etc..) to share information and work together providing a more robust security solution.

    Norton products are also optimized to work more efficiently without reducing the performance of the computer.

The Windows Defender feature is automatically disabled once you install the Norton product on your computer.

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