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Block or unblock Ad Trackers

Each mobile device has a unique advertising ID which may be used to track your details like name, address, and age. Advertising IDs may be used by app developers to create targeted advertisements that are relevant to you. The Ad Tracking feature in Norton Secure VPN blocks targeted advertisements.

A small number of websites require Ad Tracker Blocking to be disabled to work properly. If you trust these websites, you can block Ad Tracking.

Block or unblock Ad Trackers

  1. Open Norton Secure VPN.

  2. Tap or click the Ad Tracker Blocking icon.

  3. Toggle the Block Ad Trackers switch to block or unblock Ad Tracking.

Video: Getting started with Norton Secure VPN

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DOCID: v117122899
Operating System: Windows, macos, Android, iOS
Last modified: 07/07/2020