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Add a device to your Norton Family account

To monitor the online activities of your child, you must install Norton Family on a device and then assign the device to the child. If the device is a Windows PC, you must specify which user account the child uses to log on to the computer. If your children share a single computer, create a separate user account for each child. This allows Norton Family to monitor each child separately and to set house rules based on each child's age.

You can add a device at any time by signing in to your account from the device on which you want to install Norton Family. If you are not on your child's device, sign in to your account from any Internet-enabled device and send yourself a download link in an email. Open this link on the device on which you want to install Norton Family and follow the instructions in the sections below.

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DOCID: v127107792
Operating System: Windows, Android, iOS
Last modified: 08/27/2021