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Norton Family Location Supervision feature

Location Supervision feature in Norton Family monitors your kid's location so that you could be assured that your kid is safe. It uses the global positioning system (GPS), mobile network, and/or the Internet to keep track of your kid's current approximate location. You can track your kid's location from anywhere as long as the device is with them.

Norton Family uses the following location data to derive at the current approximate location of your kid:

  • Mobile network - Your device constantly communicates with one of the closest cell towers through the SIM card. This communication is used to track your kid.

  • WiFi - Your device can be surrounded by wireless networks. In such cases, the wireless network data is used to find the location.

  • GPS - A satellite-based navigation system. If your device supports GPS, your device triangulates its position by getting signals from at least three satellites.

You need to turn on location supervision feature on the devices that your kids use. If the device is turned off, or cannot connect to the Internet or Mobile network, you cannot track the current location of your kid. You need to make sure that the location services option in your child's mobile device is enabled.

Enable Location Services

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DOCID: v99581100
Operating System: Android;iOS
Last modified: 03/24/2022