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Renew your Norton UWP app subscription

A valid subscription ensures that you constantly receive product updates and protection from security threats or risks.

The Subscription Status window shows you the following:

  • The subscription status: Active, Expired.

  • The Norton entitlement which you subscribed.

  • The total number of days that are left with your current subscription.

  • Type of subscription: Annual, Monthly, or Trial.

If your Norton Security Protection or Norton Security On-the-Go subscription has expired or about to expire, you can renew your Norton subscription online. You can renew your subscription using the Renew or Renew Now option.

Norton Security On-the-Go is no longer available for download in the Microsoft Store. Existing customers will continue to receive updates through Microsoft Store.

Renew your subscription

  1. Open your Norton device security product.

  2. In the My Norton window, click Renew or Renew Now.

  3. On the right pane, follow the on-screen instructions to review your subscription plan and complete the purchase.

    If you purchased from Microsoft Store, you may be prompted for your Windows account. Provide your account details and then click Renew.

    If you received the product as a part of your subscription plan from your Internet service provider (ISP), you may be prompted to sign in with your ISP credentials.

If you have an automatically renewing subscription, we notify you before your subscription expires and before any payment is billed. With an automatically renewing subscription, you get the following benefits:

  • Uninterrupted protection from Norton against viruses, hackers, and the latest online threats.

  • Continuous protection, year after year or month after month.

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