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Run Norton scans to check for threats on Mac

Norton Automatic Scans updates virus definitions and scans your computer regularly for a range of threats. If you disable Automatic Scans, have been offline, or suspect that you have a virus, you can manually run the following:

  • Quick Scan to analyze areas of your computer that are most vulnerable to threats.

  • Full Scan to analyze your entire system including less vulnerable applications, files, and running processes than those checked during a Quick Scan.

  • File Scan to analyze individual files or folders if you suspect that they are at risk.

Run a Quick Scan, Full Scan, or File scan

  1. Open your Norton device security product.

    If you see the My Norton window, next to Device Security, click Open.

  2. In the Norton product main window, click Scans.

  3. On the left pane, click the scan that you want to run:

    • Quick Scan > Start a Quick Scan

    • Full Scan > Start a Full Scan

    • File Scan > Select a File

      Navigate to the folder or file and then click Scan.

Run scans from the command line

Your Norton product lets you perform multiple scans from the command line interface. The Norton Scanner feature in the Norton product provides this power user feature. We recommend that you use this feature only if you are an advanced user.
You can launch the command line interface by navigating to Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal.

Run a Quick Scan

In the command line, type:

/usr/bin/nortonscanner quickscan

    Run a full system scan

    In the command line, type:

    /usr/bin/nortonscanner systemscan

      Scan a specific file

      In the command line, type:

      /usr/bin/nortonscanner  - a <file path>

        Scan a compressed file

        In the command line, type:

        /usr/bin/nortonscanner  - c <file path>

          Scan the Quarantine

          In the command line, type:

          /usr/bin/nortonscanner quarantine

            Using the Scan Summary window, you can view the summary of the scan that your Norton product last performed. Your Norton product automatically takes appropriate action on any infected file that it detects during the scan. You can view the details of the virus scans in the Security History window.

            If your Norton product cannot repair an infected file, the file is quarantined. This way, your Norton product prevents the infection from spreading and infecting other files in your Mac. You can find the quarantined item under the Quarantine category in the Security History window.

            You can use the Done option to close the Scan Results window. For potentially unwanted applications, Delete button is enabled. You can use the Delete button to remove the application.

            Your Norton product displays the Virus Scan Complete window which indicates that the infected files are repaired, and the files are safe to use. You can use the Security History option in the Activity section of the Advanced window to view the details of the repaired files. You can also view the detected viruses and the action that was taken against the virus to protect your Mac.

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            DOCID: v89785798
            Operating System: Mac
            Last modified: 03/23/2022