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Respond to your ID verification alert from LifeLock

When businesses need to verify the identity of a customer before executing an online transaction, they may use verification methods such as security questions or one-time passcodes that only the real customer should know. LifeLock monitors a large consumer database for ID Verification events and alerts its members when one is detected.¹

Events that may trigger this alert include:

  • Account opening

  • Account enrollment

  • Personal (or contact) Information update

  • Claim application

  • Benefits application

  • Other transactions that involve handling your private information or high value monetary transactions

Although the identity verification process is designed to verify a consumer's identity when performing transactions, it is not hack proof. Consider the following types of scenarios where the act of verifying your identity might be compromised:

  • Answers to poorly designed security questions can be found publicly, such as the name of the street you lived on in the past or the birth year of your spouse.

  • One-time passcode sent to your phone or email can be intercepted or directed to another phone number or email.

Respond to your ID alert

If you initiated the ID verification, click "YES" in your alert and we'll send you an email confirmation.

If you are not sure if you initiated the ID verification, sign in to your account to review the details.

After reviewing, if you DID NOT initiate the ID verification, click "NO" in your alert. You will need to contact the merchant listed in your alert to verify any activity.

¹The LifeLock alert network includes a variety of product features and data sources. Although it is very extensive, our network does not cover all transactions at all businesses, so you might not receive a LifeLock alert in every single case.

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