App Advisor does not scan the downloaded apps from Google Play

This problem can occur due to a known issue with the Android OS (specifically the Google Play app), and affects a handful of our customers. This issue cannot be fixed from our end.

The only suggestion at this time is to wait for a Google Play app update that may resolve the issue in the future.

As a workaround, check if any of the following features are enabled for Norton Mobile Security in the settings. If yes, turn it off to view the App Advisor results in Play Store.

  • Battery Optimization

  • Battery Saver

  • App Optimization features

Turn off Battery Optimization

    The steps to turn off Battery Optimization may vary depending on your device make and the manufacturer. For more information, refer to the help documentation provided by your device manufacturer.

  1. From the Home screen, launch Settings.

  2. Go to Battery > Battery Optimization settings.

  3. Click All apps, select Norton Mobile Security, and then tap Do Not Optimize.

  4. Go to Play Store to view the search results.

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DOCID: v110239211_EndUserProfile_en_us
Operating System: Android
Last modified: 10/28/2017