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Norton Community Watch helps in identifying new security risks by submitting selected security and application data to Norton for analysis. Norton assesses the data to determine the new threats and their sources. The collective efforts from Norton product users help in quick identification of solutions for these threats and risks. Norton Community Watch improves user security and product functionality. In addition, it helps Norton to analyze the execution, schedule, and efficiency of Norton-specific tasks and settings on your computer.

After the potential security risks are assessed from the submitted data, Norton sends the information back to your Norton product.

You should participate in Norton Community Watch submissions to provide valuable contribution to the entire community that uses Norton products. The Detailed Error Data Collection option under Norton Community Watch in the Administrative settings window lets you allow or deny the detailed data submissions. The detailed data may vary depending on the Norton-specific errors and components. You can configure the option to manage the data submissions.

The Norton Community Watch category in Security History window provides details about the security and the application data that were submitted to Norton. Norton analyzes the data to determine new threats and their sources. This analysis helps Norton to provide the solutions that identify the new threats and risks more efficiently.

We maintain a high level of protection for the collected information. Norton Community Watch collects and submits detailed data about the Norton-specific errors and components only.

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Last modified: 03/19/2022