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Message: "Unexpected Browser error" or "Cannot connect to the Norton server"

To resolve this problem, check if there is a service interruption or outage. If the problem persists, restart your computer.


Check the Norton Service Status

  • To check if the problem you are experiencing is related to a known service interruption or outage, visit the Norton Services Status page. If you have issues with any of your Norton products when the service is down or experiencing problems, wait until the service is running before you try again.

    If you are experiencing a problem unrelated to a service interruption or outage, read Norton Services Status help.

    If the problem persists, go to step 2.


Restart your computer

  1. Exit all programs.

  2. Restart computer.

    If the problem persists, go to step 3.


Configure your default web browser

  • To set or change your default web browser, select your operating system:

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DOCID: v113839121
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 10/08/2021