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FAQ: Upgrading your Norton protection

Have you upgraded your protection to one of our Norton 360 or Norton Antivirus Plus plans recently? Here are the answers to some of the questions you might have after the upgrade.

What are the features and benefits of the new version?

Feel more secure knowing that you have powerful protection for your device and personal information on it. You still have all your existing features plus some additional features that help enhance your protection. Visit Norton.com/products to know more about the features and benefits that are offered with your latest plan.

I have upgraded my protection; how do I install it on my device?

If you have not installed the upgraded plan, sign in to your account to install the upgraded plan on any supported desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. For detailed instructions, read Download and install Norton device security.

How do I get the added features and benefits included in my newly upgraded plan?

You can setup your additional features from your account. Sign in to my.Norton.com to access and download the additional features.

If you do not have an account, read Create a Norton account.

I have upgraded my protection, but I do not see it in my account

If you don't see your Norton product when signed into your account, you may be signed into the incorrect account, and your purchase may be associated with another account. If it is a new purchase that is not yet registered to an account, you can add it manually. For detailed instructions, read Learn what to do if you do not find your subscription in your Norton account.

What happens to my existing subscription after the upgrade?

Your existing subscription will be upgraded to the selected Norton 360 plan for the remaining days of your previous subscription.

If you have not purchased the upgrade from the upgrade notifications, the days from your old subscription will not be added to the new subscription. For more help contact Member Services & Support.

How do I disable automatically renewing subscription for my previous subscription?

You can cancel automatically renewing subscription for your previous subscriptions from your account. For detailed instructions, read Stop your Norton subscription from automatically renewing.

I upgraded my subscription but I was charged twice

If you see a duplicate charge from Norton, contact Member Services & Support to find out more information and see if you qualify for a refund.

What will the price be for my next renewal?

For your next renewal, you will be billed at the then current price of the plan you are enrolled in. Review your renewal prices at Norton.com/pricing.

Prices are subject to change; should a change occur, we will send you a notification email with the new price in advance if your plan will automatically renew. You can unsubscribe any time at my.Norton.com or contact Member Services & Support.

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