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Error: "Incorrect vault password"

To manage your Norton Password Manager you need to setup a vault password. Please remember that your vault password is different from your Norton account password.

If you do not have the Norton Password Manager app on a mobile device with Biometric or Face ID enabled, then you cannot reset your vault password.

If you want to delete your Norton Password Manager vault, Read, Delete your Norton Password Manager vault.

When you delete a vault, all of the Password Manager data that are stored in the vault is permanently removed. If you think that you can recall/remember vault password, do not delete your vault.

To reset your vault password on your mobile device, follow the steps:

Android or iOS

  1. Sign in to your Norton Password Manager app using biometric authentication.

  2. In the Vault screen, tap the Menu icon, and then tap Settings.
  3. In the Settings screen, tap Reset Password.

    Approve using biometric authentication.

  4. In the Reset password screen, follow the on-screen instructions and tap Save.

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DOCID: v80684438
Operating System: Android;iOS
Last modified: 07/28/2022