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Change Administrator user accounts to Standard user accounts on Windows

If your child creates a new Windows user account and logs onto the computer with that account, Norton Family cannot monitor the child's activity. To prevent new Windows user account creation, you must ensure that your child has a Standard user account.

If your child's Windows user account has Administrator privileges, you must change it to a Standard user account.

To change Administrator accounts to Standard accounts on Windows 10/8/7

  1. Open Control Panel.

  2. Set the View by open to Category.

  3. Under User Accounts, click Change account type.

  4. On the Manage Accounts window, select the user account that you want to change.

  5. Click Change the account type.

  6. On the Change Account Type window, click Standard.

  7. Click Change Account Type.

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DOCID: v40467375
Operating System: Windows, Android, iOS
Last modified: 07/04/2019