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Reset vault password of Norton Password Manager from your mobile device

Norton Password Manager lets you reset your vault password from your mobile device only. You cannot reset your vault password from your Windows device. To reset the vault password from your mobile device, ensure that the Norton Password Manager app is installed and configured to open vault using biometric authentication.

Why am I not able to reset my vault password from my desktop or laptop computer?

Mobile devices have a specially-designed secure hardware storage known as secure enclave, which is highly resistant to unauthorized access. We make use of this feature, along with biometric authentication, in our Password Manager apps for Android and iOS to reset your vault password.
Unfortunately, desktop or laptop computers do not have similar features. There is no widely available, standardized, secure hardware storage that can be used by browser extensions like Password Manager across the multiple browsers we support. We are actively exploring alternative product designs to allow a secure vault password reset to be done from your desktop/laptop computer.
We recommend following these steps for securely managing your vault password:
  • If you make a physical copy of your password, make sure that you store it very securely

  • Practice using your vault password and set a good hint to help you remember it

  • Install and set up the Password Manager mobile app to give you the option of resetting your vault password. You will need your vault password during Mobile App setup.

Android or iOS

  1. Sign in to your Norton Password Manager app using biometric authentication.

  2. In the Vault screen, tap the Menu icon , and then tap Settings.
  3. In the Settings screen, tap Reset Password.

    Approve using biometric authentication.

  4. In the Reset password screen, follow the on-screen instructions and tap Save.

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