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How do I defragment my hard drives?

Defragmentation is a process by which fragmented files stored on a disk are rearranged to occupy contiguous storage locations allowing for both space and performance optimization.

You can use the Speed Disk window to defragment your hard drives.

To defragment hard drives

  1. In the Norton Utilities main window, select the Performance tab.

  2. In the Performance Home window, under Select your action, click Defragment Disks.

  3. In the Speed Disk window, select the volume you want to defrag.

  4. Under Action, select an action that you want to perform.

    Your options are:

    • Deep Defragmentation: Perform Deep Defragmentation.

    • Quick Defragmentation: Perform Quick Defragmentation.

    • Boot time Optimization: Perform Boot time optimization.

    • Analysis Only: Analyze the disk for fragmented files and displays it graphically.

    • Shut down computer upon completion: Lets you shut down the computer when defragmentation is completed.

    • Perform task on boot: Lets you ensure that defragmentation activities only take place when the disks are not being used.

  5. Click Start to begin defragmenting. During scanning, you may click Show Legends to view the clusters map legend. You can also toggle Show cluster map by fragmentation/ class to view this map by fragmentation or file class.

  6. Click the Stop icon to stop the action at any point .

    After the operation has completed, you are provided with a summary of results which includes:

    • Disk Clutter before defragmentation

    • Disk Clutter after defragmentation

    • Smart Defrag status: On or Off

  7. Click Show Full Report to view the disk analysis report.

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