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Automatic Care

Automatic PC Maintenance

To access:

Click Automatic Care on the navigation bar.

What it does:

Automatic Care monitors key indicators of PC performance and then automatically runs the repairs your computer needs.

Automatic Care works silently in the background - only when your PC is on but not in use - and it only processes actions when they're needed. If you return to your computer during Automatic Care processing, you can either cancel the process or let it continue.


The Automatic Care pane gives you complete control over what automated tasks are run. Click the toggle button next to a task to Enable or Disable the automated repair.

The Automatic Care section of the Norton Utilities Premium Settings window allows you to control when Automatic Care runs tasks. To access it, click the blue Settings link at the top left of the Automatic Care pane. In this section you will also find blue links to Enable all (recommended) or Disable all.

The following tasks can be automated:

  • Eliminate unnecessary or dangerous startup programs

    This setting helps find non-critical applications that launch whenever your PC is started, slowing boot time and overall system speed. Automatic Care automatically maintains a running list of such programs and presents them for your review whenever you run a System Analysis.

  • Defragment system drive

    Defragmenting hard drives regularly consolidates scattered file fragments for faster program launches and file access, as well as improved overall system speed and stability.

  • Clean out internet junk files

    Regularly cleaning out browser cache, cookies, and other types of accumulated internet junk will reclaim hard drive space, speed up your system and help maintain your privacy. Click the down arrow to the right of the toggle button to custom select which types of internet junk will be regularly cleaned out.

  • Clean out Windows junk files

    With regular PC usage, temporary files and other unneeded debris accumulate. It is recommended that excessive amounts of system clutter be deleted to reclaim disk space and speed overall processing. Click the down arrow to the right of the toggle button to custom select which file types will be regularly cleaned out by Automatic Care.

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