I cannot find my Norton product after I run Windows System Restore


    • Explain to the customer the effects of running a system-restore with Norton security products on the machine.

    • Check the reason why that the customer did a system-restore > Norton related or not > Add this in the case-notes.

    • Advise the customer to first contact our support in a Norton related issue instead of performing a System-Restore.


  1. Check if a previous version of Norton is installed, try to uninstall using appwiz.cpl.

  2. When the uninstaller failed or is not responding Download and Run Norton Removal Tool is needed to be sure that everything is removed successful.

  3. Restart the computer.

  4. Download the latest version using: http://norton.com/setup or https://my.norton.com

  5. Run liveupdate until no more updates to be sure the customer has the latest patch.


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