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Message: "No internet connection: Norton Core is unable to detect an internet connection..."

This message indicates that Norton Core router cannot connect to the internet.

To fix this problem, select one of the following:

I do not have a static IP

  1. Make sure that the modem that is provided by your ISP is connected properly and powered on.

  2. If you have a modem-router combo, it must be set up in bridge mode to assure that your network is fully protected. See Set up a combined modem and router in bridge mode.

    After you set up the modem-router combo in bridge mode, only its 'Power' and 'DSL' lights should be lit.

  3. Connect your computer directly to the LAN port of your gateway device and check if you can access the internet.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • If you can access internet, press the Reset button at the bottom of the Norton Core router to restart it.

      Wait for one minute and go through the initial setup again to set up your protected network.

    • If you cannot access internet on your computer, contact your ISP.


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