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Resolve issues with the Fix Problems feature in Norton Utilities Ultimate

The Fix Problems feature checks for a variety of problems that may impact the performance and security of your computer.

When a sub-optimal setting is detected, Norton Utilities Ultimate provides you with recommendations that help resolve the problem.

Norton Utilities Ultimate may detect the following types of issues during a Fix problems scan:

  • Unusual system settings: Settings configurations that may affect the reliability of your computer's behavior.

  • Disk errors: Corrupted files on your internal and external drives.

  • Disk fragmentation: Data fragments that are stored separately on the hard disk drive.

Run a Fix Problems scan

  1. Open Norton Utilities Ultimate.

  2. On the main menu, click Fix Problems.

  3. In the Fix problems window, click Scan PC/Rescan problems.

  4. After the scan is completed, analyze and act on the items that appear in red.

    Your Windows user account must have administrator privileges to resolve some of the issues identified by Norton Utilities Ultimate. Keep in mind that the changes that you make apply to all users who use the computer.

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Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 05/06/2024