Install Norton Internet Security for Mac from a service provider

This document describes how to download and install Norton Internet Security for Mac that you subscribed to through your service provider.

These steps are general and may differ depending on your service provider. If you have questions about the download process that are not answered here, please contact your service provider.

Download and install your Norton product

  1. Log on to your service provider's website or locate the email that was sent to you when you subscribed to the Norton service.

  2. Click the link to download your Norton product.

    There should be a link to download Norton Internet Security for Mac when you log in to your service provider's website, or in an email that was sent to you when you subscribed to the Norton services. If you cannot find a link to download your Norton product, contact your service provider.

  3. By default, the file is automatically saved to the Downloads folder.

  4. To launch the Installer disc image, double-click the file that you downloaded.

  5. Double-click the Norton Internet Security file.

  6. In the File Security dialog box, click Open.

  7. Click Continue.

  8. In the Welcome to the Norton Internet Security Installer, click Continue.

  9. Read the software license agreement, and click Agree.

  10. Click Install.

  11. When you see a prompt, type your Administrator account name and password, and then click Install Software.

  12. Click Continue Installation.

  13. If you receive a prompt to enter the Activation PIN, type the PIN that you received from your service provider, and then click Activate.

    Usually this PIN is automatically inserted in the Norton product and activation is completed.

  14. Click Continue.

  15. In the Installation Successful window, click Restart.

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Operating System: Mac
Last modified: 11/04/2021