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Firewall Diagnostics Wizard - Process Policy block fix

Process Policy blocks occur when a specific instance of a program's attempt to access the Internet is blocked.

Every firewall has its own process policy that is designed to handle the Internet access attempts for programs. You can customize the process policy to control the Internet communications with your computer. This way, your computer remains protected from Internet attacks.

The Automatic Program Control feature of Norton Firewall contributes to the process policy that the firewall implements. Automatic Program Control automatically configures Internet access settings for web-enabled programs the first time that they run. When this option is turned off, Norton prompts you to allow or block any instance of a program that is accessing the Internet for the first time.

If you block a specific instance of a program from accessing the Internet, Norton Firewall blocks Internet access for the program instance. This can be the reason for the network block in your case.

To troubleshoot the issue, you can remove any existing rule and set Automatic Program Control to On position. If the version of the program that Norton recognizes is safe, Automatic Program Control creates an allow rule for the program and permits Internet access to it.

Norton recommends that you use the Firewall Diagnostics Wizard to resolve the block. The wizard contains the solutions that let you analyze the issue and take a suitable action to resolve the problem.

Norton Firewall Diagnosis is available only in Windows 7 or later.

You can use the following options in the wizard to resolve the problem:

  • Disable process policy block

    This option lets Norton Firewall change the access settings for the blocked program from Block this instance to Allow. After you apply the fix, Norton notifies you whether the firewall was successful in resolving the issue through this repair option. If it was not successful, you can explore the other solutions in the wizard to resolve the block.

  • Learn more about this problem

    This option lets you know more details about the problem. When you click this option, the context sensitive help page appears. This page explains the reason for this problem and suggests solutions.

  • Manually re-configure the Norton Firewall settings

    This option lets you use the firewall settings to turn on the Automatic Program Control option.

    The option is available in the Advanced Settings window.

  • Examine the recent log records in Security History to determine the cause of the block

    This option lets you use logs to view the details that are related to the network block event.

  • Disable Norton Firewall

    This option lets you turn off the firewall temporarily to resolve the problem.

    Turning off Norton Firewall is not recommended as your computer is not protected from security risks when the firewall is turned off. Please use this option only as a last means to resolve the issue. If you turn off Norton Firewall, ensure that you turn it on later.

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DOCID: v38173935
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 03/10/2020