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Create a PIN lock in mobile devices

Norton Password Manager provides the flexibility to use a 4-digit PIN code to access the vault from your mobile devices. The PIN code helps you easily access Norton Password Manager on your mobile devices. Once you create PIN, you do not have to enter the complete Norton Password Manager vault password. Instead, you can use the PIN. You can create PIN after setting up your vault for the first time using your vault password.

After you create a PIN, you can change or delete the PIN at any time. To add more safety, you can check Randomize Keypad under PIN ACCESS to get new keypad every time you log in to your vault.

The PIN that you create is specific to a device. You cannot use the same PIN on multiple devices to log into your Vault. For example, if you create a PIN on an Android device, you cannot use the same PIN to unlock your Vault on an iOS device or another Android device.

To create a PIN code

  1. In the main window, tap App button, and then tap Settings.

  2. On the Settings page, tap vault.

  3. On the vault page, tap Create PIN.

  4. In the Create PIN page, type your vault password, and then tap Submit.

  5. In the page that appears, enter a 4-digit PIN to set up PIN code for your vault.

  6. Type your 4-digit PIN again to confirm. Once you confirm your PIN code, you can see PIN ACCESS settings enabled in the Vault page.

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DOCID: v90211831
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 08/01/2019