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Increase Safety Dashboard score in Norton Password Manager

Safety Dashboard score is the total score of all your login passwords that is stored in your vault. Each of the website passwords is analyzed to identify the strength and is used as an input for your final Safety Dashboard score. The stronger your password is, the more difficult it is to misuse and abuse your login. Hence, improving the strength of each login is important and it helps in increasing the Safety Dashboard score.

Factors affecting Safety Dashboard score

The following factors affect your individual Safety Dashboard score:



Password strength

If the password strength is less than 90%, it affects your login password score.

Password duration

If the login password that you use on a website is more than 6 months old, it affects your login password score.

Duplicate password

If the login password is duplicated on more than one website, the login password score is affected proportionately.

Increase Safety Dashboard score

For websites having passwords less than 90% score, set a strong password by using any of the following features.

  • Autochange Now

    Safety Dashboard supports an Autochange Password feature for several websites. On supported websites, Autochange Password performs the steps that are needed to change your login password. It can also set a strong password automatically for a website to improve your password strength. Click Autochange now to launch the automatic password changer in a new tab.

    To know more about Autochange Password, see Update your passwords automatically with Autochange Password.

  • Change Now

    The Change Now option lets you change the password of a website manually. Clicking Change Now takes you to a new tab, where you need to take steps to change the password manually. Use the Password Generator feature in Norton Password Manager to set a strong password for the website to improve your login safety.

  • Password Generator

    Whenever you navigate to a new login page and create a new login, use the Password Generator to generate a strong password.

    To know more about Password Generator, see Use Norton Password Generator to create strong passwords

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Update your passwords automatically with Autochange Password

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Last modified: 04/04/2022