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Update your passwords automatically with Autochange Password

Autochange Password supports automatic changing of your passwords for several websites without navigating outside Norton Password Manager. You can view the changed password by logging in to the vault and clicking in the Safety Dashboard section.

Do not close the tab or access the content present in the tab, when Autochange Password changes the password. Do not switch tabs, as it can interfere with the automatic password change process.

Functionality of Autochange Password

Autochange Password works by directly logging into the websites and generating a strong password on your behalf. The new passwords are generated locally by Password Manager and are transmitted in a secure manner. The newly generated passwords are saved in your Norton Password Manager vault, for which only you have access to.

  • A green header appears on the tab if the Autochange Password feature successfully updates the password for a website

  • A red header appears on the tab if the Autochange Password feature fails to update the password for a website

Once Autochange successfully changes the password, you should see an increase in the password strength percentage for the login password. An increase in the overall Safety Dashboard score is also seen after Autochange Password successfully changes the password.

If two-factor authentication is enabled for a website, you need to provide relevant information for Autochange Password feature to function.

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DOCID: v127948823
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 11/08/2022