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Unable to access a specific website when Norton AntiTrack extension is ON or enabled

Certain websites require tracker blockers to be turned off in order to function correctly. Turning off tracker blockers may make your personal information vulnerable to cybercriminals.

Norton AntiTrack masks your personal information for the website to function correctly and blocks and notifies you of tracking attempts made by a specific website.

If a website does not work correctly due to tracker blockers, follow the steps below:

Fix it Option

Click the Fix it button present on the Norton AntiTrack extension.

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If the issue persists, allow tracking and profiling for the particular website.

Allow tracking & profiling for this site

  1. Open your browser and launch the website for which the tracker blocker needs to be disabled.

  2. Click the Norton AntiTrack browser extension.

  3. In the Blocking tracking and profiling window, under Disable AntiTrack on this site, click Once or Always.

    When AntiTrack is disabled, the tracking and fingerprinting attempts of a specific website will not be blocked.

    You can also enable Norton AntiTrack extension for a specific website that was disabled earlier. To enable Norton AntiTrack again, click Enable AntiTrack for this site on the Norton AntiTrack extension window.

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DOCID: v20211122121120272
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 03/16/2023