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Set up security freezes with the credit bureaus for your child

Security freezes help restrict fraudsters who may attempt to open a new account using your child's identity. To set up the security freeze on your child's credit file, do the following:

Gather the proof of identity documents

You need to send proof of identity documents for all three major credit bureaus. You need to make three sets of copies for each one. Sort the copies into three piles, one for each credit bureau. Do not send the credit bureaus your originals.

  • Your government-issued ID (usually a Driver's License)

  • Your birth certificate

  • A utility bill or bank or insurance statement with your name and address on it

  • Your Social Security card

  • Your child's Social Security card

  • Your child's birth certificate or other documentation showing that you have the authority to act on the child's behalf (foster care certification, power of attorney or court order)

Print and mail the three credit bureaus' child credit freeze request forms

If you request freezes for more than one child, you need to fill out a form for each. Use the below links to download the forms.

  • For Equifax

  • For Experian

  • TransUnion does not have a downloadable form. Please write them a letter at their address below, saying that you seek a protected consumer freeze for your child or children.

You need to send each bureau a form or letter, along with one set of documents for each child.

Equifax and Experian list their mailing addresses on their freeze request forms.

TransUnion's address is:

P.O. Box 380, Woodlyn, PA 19094.

Although, both regular or certified mail are both acceptable, we recommend using certified mail as the information in the mail is sensitive and personal.

Wait for confirmation from the credit bureaus, then store your child's PIN securely

The credit bureaus provide you with written confirmation through the USPS, saying that a credit file has been created and a freeze has been placed on it. The correspondence includes your child's new PIN number for that file. The PIN number is necessary for unfreezing your child's credit at a later date, so do keep it in a safe place (a fireproof safe is ideal). You might also want to store it electronically by using a secure password manager service.

The freeze on your child's credit file remains in place until, you, the child's parent or guardian, or your child decides to unfreeze it later to apply for a credit card, car loan, student loans, or other credit.

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FAQ: Credit freeze for minors

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