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Fix Financial Monitoring Issues

The information provided here is to guide you on issues with your financial accounts linked due to technical difficulties or a variety of other reasons.

Duplicate Financial Monitoring Transactions / Alerts

This can happen when you have more than one entry for the financial institution that triggers duplicate alerts. You must ensure that you have only one entry for each financial institution.

Here are possible reasons that you may be seeing multiple accounts. If the following scenarios apply to you, please delete one of the financial institutions:

  • You may have previously added the same account more than once. Removing one of the accounts will avoid the duplicates.
  • You may have an account jointly owned by another member of your family and connected using online credentials for both. Removing and reconnecting one of the accounts will remove the duplicate account.

To remove a duplicate bank account follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Depending on your subscription, do one of the following:
    • If you see the My Norton page, click Monitored Info tab.
    • If you see the Member Portal page, click Manage Account tab.
  3. On the Financial Accounts section, remove the duplicate entries.

Missing Financial Monitoring Alert

Some of the reasons as to why you do not see the transactions:

  1. Check if your financial institution is linked to your account. 
  2. Only withdrawals made from your linked accounts will be reported.
  3. A technical error could also be a reason for a missing alert.

Delayed Transaction Alerts

There could be various technical errors from the bank, and they would be working to resolve it at the earliest. In these situations, once those errors are fixed, they run the reports and then send us the files. This would result in an alert being shown later than the actual transaction date.

Bank Does Not Appear in the Search List

  1. Why is my bank not on your list?

    We support most financial institutions, but our network does not have 100% coverage of all financial institutions.

  2. When will my bank be in your network?

    We will continue to make an effort to incorporate additional banks/financial institutions, but we are not able to provide additional information as to when or if your bank will be included in our network.

  3. If my bank is not in your network, are those accounts not protected with your ID Theft Alerting?

    If your bank is not in our network/or supported, you will not receive alerts for those accounts. However, if you detect any fraudulent activity and your financial institution holds you responsible, please notify us within 90 days and a Restoration Specialist will help you restore your good name.

Security Verification Code Not Sent

If you are being prompted to enter a verification code, but have not received it yet:

  1. Enter the email or phone number you have registered with your financial institution to receive the security code and click Next.
  2. The code will be sent to your email or phone and you can enter it on the next screen.

    If you still have not received the security code, you will need to contact the financial institution.

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