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Starting your Norton product

After you install your Norton product, you may need to open your Norton product to check the security status of the product or to perform a task. You can open a Norton product in any of the following methods.

  • Open from the system tray icon

  • Open from Windows start menu

Open your Norton product from the system tray icon

If your Norton product is running on your computer, it displays an icon in the Windows system tray. If you do not see the icon, it may have been hidden. You have to click the arrow button to view the hidden icons in the system tray.

Open your Norton product from Windows start menu

  1. Depending on your version of Windows, do one of the following:

    • For Windows 8.1/10/11: Click the Start button and then type "Norton". Click the Norton 360 desktop app.

    • For Windows 7 or Vista: Click the Start button, and then click All Programs.

    • For Windows XP: Click Start > All Programs.

  2. Click the Norton product folder, and then click the Norton 360 product icon.

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DOCID: v73845050
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 09/06/2023