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What is Norton Family?

Norton Family is an online service that helps you to monitor the Internet activities of your children from anywhere using Norton Family website or Norton Family mobile app for parents. Thereby, it helps parents to protect their children from Internet dangers and lets children practice safe online behavior and develop good online habits.
You can try Norton Family free for 30 days.

How does Norton Family monitor your child's activities?

For monitoring your child's activities, you need to install Norton Family application on all the devices that your child uses. Norton Family is available for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. You can also set up Norton Family on your mobile device to get instant alerts, set house rules, and change your family settings at any time. For more information, read Get started with Norton Family.

How different is Norton Family app for parents from the child app?

Norton Family app for child keeps your kids safe online, whereas the parent app helps you supervise their online activity, enforce house rules, and manage your family settings. If you use an Android device, you can use the same app that you installed on your child's Android but get in to Parent mode while installation. If you use an iOS device, you should install separate Norton Family app for Parents.

What kind of online activities does Norton Family monitor?

Norton Family monitors the following activities of your child:
  • Websites that your child visits

  • Search terms that your child uses on search engines

  • Videos that your child watches

  • Messages that your child shares with their friends

  • Time your child spends on their device

  • Location of your child

  • Apps that your child uses

Will my children know that I'm monitoring them?

Yes, your children know that you monitor their Internet activities. When your child logs on to a computer that is running Norton Family, a message appears notifying them that all the activities are monitored. Your children can also view the house rules that you created for them.

What are house rules?

Norton Family protects your child with predefined house rules based on the child's age. It blocks any activity that is against the house rules and gives you real-time alerts so that you can make appropriate decisions. However, you can adjust these default settings at any time based on your child's needs.

What is Instant Lock feature?

The Instant Lock feature lets you restrict your children from using their devices that are online. Your children cannot use their devices until you unlock them or tell your child the PIN.
However, on iOS devices, Instant Lock only hides the installed apps, including Norton Family parental control, and the default apps such as Safari, iTunes Store, App Store, and Camera. It does not entirely lock your child's iOS device.

Why do I need to install a profile on my child's iOS device?

You need to install a profile for the instant lock to work on your child's device. To install the profile, open Norton Family parental control app, tap menu icon > Install Profile, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Ensure that Safari is enabled before installing the profile.

How Do I

How do I monitor my child's Internet activity when I am away from home?

You can monitor the child's activities, set house rules, and update your family settings remotely by signing into your Norton Family account from any Internet-enabled device or using Norton Family mobile app for parents on your smart device.

How can my spouse help me monitor the Internet activities of my children?

You can invite your spouse or another adult to help you monitor your children and keep them safe. Once your spouse accepts the invite, they will be part of your family. You can send an invite by signing into family account or by using Norton Family parental app for Android.

How do I customize the house rules for each child?

Depending on your situation, you can customize the house rules for each child at any time. You can also allow or block a specific website for your child.

How do I know if my child engages in any inappropriate Internet activity?

If your child engages in inappropriate activity, Norton Family marks these activities in red in the activity report. You can filter all questionable Internet activities in the activity report.
Click on an activity to do the following:
  • To see if this activity is unsafe/improper for your child

  • To dispute the categorization of the website

  • To see the Norton Safe Web report

  • To allow or block this activity

How do I unsubscribe from my Norton Family service?

  1. Sign in to your account.

  2. Click your profile icon.

  3. Click menu options icon. and then click Edit Profile.
  4. At the bottom-left, click Delete My Norton Family Account

  5. Enter your Norton credentials and confirm.

If you unsubscribe from Norton Family service, your Norton Family settings and the activity history of your children are permanently removed.
Norton Family subscription offers you a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee. If you unsubscribe within 60 days, you are eligible to get the refund for your subscription. To get the refund, contact your regional customer support representative.

How do I add a child to my account?

You can add up to 15 children to your family account. For more details, refer Add a child to your Norton Family account

How do I set device PIN?

Device PIN lets your child unlock their Android device in case of emergencies, even if their time limit has been reached.
  1. Sign in to your account.

  2. Click the child whom you want to manage.

  3. Click View Profile.

  4. To enable or disable the PIN, move the On/Off switch to On or Off.

  5. Click Edit and then enter a 4-digit PIN to unlock the device.

  6. Communicate this PIN to your child so that they can use it in case of emergencies.

  7. Change this PIN after its use so that the child cannot unlock the device with the same PIN next time.

How do I install Norton Family on my child's computer?

You need to install Norton Family on each device that your child uses. For help with installation, read Add a device to your Norton Family account


Are there any software applications that conflict with Norton Family?

You cannot install Norton Family if you have already installed any other parental control programs on your device.

I am not able to install Norton Family. What should I do?

Ensure that you have logged into the computer using Administrator privileges. Read System requirements to install and set up Norton protection to see if your device is compatible with Norton Family. You cannot install Norton Family if you have already installed any other parental control programs in the device.
If you still have issues with installation, read Fix problems installing, setting up, or uninstalling Norton Family

Is it possible for my child to turn off Norton Family?

No, it is not possible for your child to turn off Norton Family supervision. A parent email address and password is required to turn off Norton Family. If Norton Family is disabled or has been tampered with, you get a notification. To prevent new Windows user account creation, you must ensure that your child has a Standard user account.

Account and billing

Is Norton Family available in all regions?

No. Norton Family is available only in some regions. But, we are working to add more and more regions.

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