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End-of-availability of Anti-Theft, Contacts Backup and LinkGuard features of Norton Mobile Security Android

Beginning December 23, 2019, the following Premium features will be removed from Norton Mobile Security Android:

  • Anti-Theft1 (Remote Locate2, Lock Device, Wipe, "Scream" Alarm, Sneak Peek2,3, Lost Mode, SIM Card Lock4)

  • Contacts Backup

  • LinkGuard

The following FAQ answers your queries related to this announcement.

1 SMS features Lock, SMS Wipe, SMS Locate, SMS Scream and Text Blocking not supported on Android 4.4 or later.

2 Device must have battery power, network connection and have the location features activated.

3 Sneak Peek feature is not available in Germany.

4 Does not work with a dual SIM device.

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DOCID: v134689712
Operating System: Android
Last modified: 01/14/2020