Learn more about Adobe Flash Zero-Day Vulnerability

This article provides more information about the new zero-day vulnerabilities (CVE-2015-5122) and (CVE-2015-5123) have been discovered in Adobe Flash.

What is zero-day vulnerability?

  • The term zero-day refers to an unknown vulnerability or an exploit in a software program that the developer of the software is newly aware of, and has not had the time to address and patch. Zero-days are particularly troublesome because they often present an open window during which cybercriminals can operate unchallenged.

    For more information, read Adobe Security Bulletin.

Am I affected?

  • Norton recommends that users remain alert to stay protected from this vulnerability, as it targets the current version of Adobe Flash, which is widely used, and has the potential to affect a large number of users. Symantec considers this a severe incident, as it has the potential to affect a large number of users.

    The following products are currently affected:

    • Internet Explorer

    • Mozilla Firefox

    • Google Chrome

How does Norton protect me?

  • Norton products protect against the Shockwave Flash File (SWF) file being used in the attack, which is detected as.

    Norton customers running a Norton security product are already protected against attempts to exploit the Adobe Flash Zero-Day vulnerability. Norton products providing this protection include:

    • Norton AntiVirus

    • Norton Internet Security

    • Norton 360

    • Norton Security

    You must have a current Norton subscription and up-to-date virus definitions and signatures to receive this protection. To know about your Norton subscription status, read Is my computer protected?

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