Fix connectivity problems if nothing happens when you connect to Norton WiFi Privacy VPN on Android device

This problem can occur if the tunnel driver that is required to connect to a VPN service, is not found on your Android device. The tunnel driver captures all the Internet traffic from your device, encrypts it and sends to the VPN application which then sends it to the VPN gateway. Without the tunnel driver, Norton WiFi Privacy cannot establish the VPN connection.

This problem has been reported with some specific devices manufacturers such as Prestigio, M2M, and some early models of Samsung Galaxy S II.

Unfortunately, these drivers are part of the Android operating system software and only the device manufacturer can create or add them.

If you have another supported Android device, you can use your Norton WiFi Privacy license on it. To transfer your license, uninstall Norton WiFi Privacy from your current device first and then install it on the other device.

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Operating System: Android
Last modified: 03/20/2018