Learn more about Automatic Tasks

The activities that are listed in the Automatic Tasks window run in the background when your computer as idle. If you do not want a scan to run automatically, you can uncheck it in the list.

You can always run an activity from the Norton main window. If it is unchecked in this list, it does not run automatically.

You can use the Tasks check box to check or uncheck all activities at once.

If certain activities are not run after a week or so, you might see a reminder that they should be run.

The following activities can be checked or unchecked:

Chrome Temporary Files

Deletes the temporary files that are left behind on your hard disk after browsing Google Chrome.

Chrome temporary files are not completely cleaned when the Chrome browser is open or when the Chrome plug-in is running as a background application.

Internet Explorer Temporary Files

Deletes the temporary files that are left behind on your PC's hard disk after Internet browsing.

Windows Temporary Files

Deletes the unnecessary files that are left in Windows Temporary folders after a program has been installed or updated.

Internet Explorer History

Deletes the unnecessary webpage history that is left behind in your Internet browser's history folder.

Disk Optimization

Defragments your hard disk and free space.

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