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Automatic Resume Delay From Sleep Or Hibernation

Automatic Resume Delay lets you delay the automatic running of Norton-specific background tasks when you resume your computer from hibernate mode or standby mode. This option delays the automatic background tasks for the specified duration even if your computer is idle for that period.

Hibernate is a power conserving mode in which your computer shuts down after saving the current settings and the running programs to the hard disk. When you turn on your computer from the hibernate mode, your computer restores all the last running programs and settings. Standby mode is similar to the hibernate mode. However, in standby mode, only the unnecessary components of the computer are shut down such as screen display and disk drive. The standby mode is also known as sleep mode.

If the automatic tasks start as soon as you resume your computer from hibernate mode or standby mode, your computer may perform slow. Delaying these automatic tasks improves the performance and efficiency of your computer. For example, you set the automatic resume delay duration as 5 Minutes and you set your computer in hibernate mode or standby mode. In this case, the background tasks are run after five minutes from the time you resume your computer. You can delay the automatic resume time for a minimum of one minute to a maximum of 20 minutes. The default duration is 10 minutes.

To access the Automatic Resume Delay settings, navigate to Settings > Administrative Settings > Automatic Resume Delay From Sleep Or Hibernation.

You can obtain a list of automatic background tasks in the Background Tasks window. The automatic tasks include the following:

  • Automatic LiveUpdate

  • Backing up <backup set name>

  • Disk Optimizer

  • Full System Scan

  • Insight Optimizer

  • Internet Explorer History Cleaner

  • Internet Explorer Temporary File Cleaner

  • Norton Community Watch

  • Norton Insight

  • Quick Scan

  • Windows Temporary File Cleaner

  • Identity Safe Maintenance

  • AntiSpam Maintenance

  • Licensing Maintenance

  • Insight Maintenance

  • Product Maintenance

The backup feature may not be available in some Norton products.

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Last modified: 06/18/2018